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Outdoor Waterproof Storage Box (Brown)

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Box (brown colour).

Dimensions: external (145 L x 69.7 W x 60.3 H cm), internal (138 L x 59.6 W x 55.2 H cm) - 454 litre capacity.

This is a great outdoor storage box for garden tools and equipment, furniture cushions, garden games and accessories. It is styled in a wood pattern and looks unobtrustive in a garden setting. We also like how it can double up as seating for a couple of adults. It is good at keeping all items inside ventilated but dry.

You can padlock the contents but we would not recommend keeping anything too valuable in it if is potentially accessible e.g. in a front garden as a padlock can easily be cut.

Made of durable, weather-resistant and maintenance fade-free plastic.

A great way to organise your gardening things, particularly if you don't have a shed.

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