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We're a team of professional organisers based around the UK who love what we do! We help people to restore calm and happiness to their lives by working with them to declutter and organise their homes. We help clients undergoing major life transitions. For example, if you are moving, divorce, bereavement or expecting a baby. We also help those just looking to simplify their lives by having less stuff. There is no space we can't tackle! The business was founded by Lizzie Grant (pictured on the right), a former lawyer and professional organiser herself. She wanted to create an easy and quick way for clients to find an organiser to help clear their clutter. That's how Declutter on Demand was born!


Declutter on Demand is an online booking website. It matches people who want help decluttering and organising their homes with a professional organiser best suited to their needs. This is based on location, availability and services. Our team of organisers are all established and experienced. They are vetted and hold their own insurance. Clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands with any of the organisers on Declutter on Demand. With society getting increasingly stressed out by their stuff, this website provides the perfect way to hire a professional to help.


Our mission is to enable clients to easily find and book a professional to help them to declutter and organise their homes. We want to help clients feel happier and more on top of the 'stuff' in their lives so that they can focus on what's really important to them. Our aim is not to be a sticking-plaster by just 'tidying up'. It is to dig deeper to help clients change habits and mindsets and put in place bespoke systems to help clients make long-lasting changes. We are there to provide a practical pair of hands, experience, motivation, accountability and to make the process more enjoyable!