Organising your photo collections

It’s so easy for us now to take photos whenever we want, which is wonderful. The only downside is organising our photos. It is hard to manage the sheer volume of images we create!

Photos are amongst our most treasured possessions for the precious memories they preserve. However, most of us lack the technical expertise, time or motivation to get round to organising and safely storing our rapidly expanding collections. They are kept on devices unused or forgotten, often without being backed up. Heaven help any future generations inheriting this digital disorder!

Alternatively (or in addition!), you might have inherited huge numbers of hard copy photographs from family members. Have you been left with the unenviable task of sorting these out and preserving them for years to come? The task can feel completely overwhelming.

Our photo organisers can help you with any of the following:

  1. Consolidate your digital photographs so that they are stored in the best way for you
  2. Digitalise your hard copy photographs
  3. Declutter duplicate / blurry images (in accordance with your instructions)
  4. Organise the photos you want to retain e.g. theme, event, year so that you have an easy to use system going forward (digitally and hard copy)
  5. Help you to back up your collection so that your memories are safe
  6. Printing photos of your choice or creating photo books / albums – (printing costs will be extra payable direct to the organiser). These make such nice presents for yourself and others e.g. wedding, baby and holiday.


  • Save yourself time by outsourcing your photo organisation to one of our organisers
  • Preserve precious memories for your family and future generations
  • Easily find photos in the future when you need them and share with others
  • Have a system which makes it easier to upload, save and store photos in the future

If you would like a hand organising your photos, please get in touch with us here.