Piles of papers - organising paperwork

Want to organise your paperwork but don't know where to start?

That's perfectly normal - most people dislike organising paperwork but luckily we don't!

The most quoted reasons as to why our clients want us to help them organise their paperwork are:

  • I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start!
  • I can’t motivate myself to do it!
  • I'm unsure as to what the best system is to organise my paperwork!

However, once we have decluttered and organised their paperwork, they tell us:

  • I can sleep at night - I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders!
  • I can find everything I need so easily!
  • It was so much quicker and easier doing this with you than on my own!

Impact of disorganised paperwork

Disorganised paperwork really impacts our headspace, time and energy. When  paperwork is not dealt with it can lead to feelings of dread and overwhelm. However much we push that to the back of our brains, it is still there gnawing away at us.

On a practical level, we can waste so much time and energy looking for paperwork and become disorganised e.g. paying bills late, missing deadlines and generally feeling like we are only just keeping our heads above water.

If you work from home, then having a dedicated workspace which is clear of piles of paperwork is incredibly important in order to be productive.

We often find that clients are blocked by the anxiety of getting rid of something we may later need. Often clients hold on to paperwork “just in case” they need it one day. More often than not, that day never comes.

Paper scrunched up - decluttering

Top Tips:

1. Start by gathering loose paperwork together

2. Organise your paperwork into categories e.g. finances, health etc.

3. Decide whether to discard or keep it: ask yourself for each document - why are you keeping it?

4. Discard safely - to protect against identity theft, it is advisable to tear out or blot out your name and address from any discarded paperwork. It may be worth investing in a small shredder or using a company like the Hungry Shredder to help you out!

5. Find an organising system which works for you. We help our clients decide on a system which will suit them and the kinds of paperwork they have to manage. You can find different organising products we have tried and tested on our shop page here. For example, you can buy A4 lever arch files, box files or filing cabinets. Please note as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

6. Consider how paper enters your home and use an in-tray to manage paperwork coming in.

7. Declutter and organise your desk and stationery so that you have an enjoyable space to work or sort through paperwork!

Notebooks - to do lists, organising paperwork

Help with organising paperwork 

We can help with organising paperwork. Working together with you to reduce it, we will then set up effective systems which will last. Find an organiser here to help you!