Achieve your goals with online decluttering sessions

Our online decluttering sessions with our organisers are great if you can do the physical sorting but need motivation, accountability and tips and guidance to achieve your decluttering goals. It means that you can tackle projects in your own time and at your own pace.

For some clients they will just be discussing their goals and how to achieve them with their organiser in these online sessions. Others will make a start on projects in the session so that they have momentum to finish these projects in their own time. We know how easy it is to find something else you'd rather be doing! You can even carry out decluttering projects in the online sessions and your organiser will be able to suggest what types of decluttering jobs you could do with online support.

Our organisers are all experienced and knowledgeable. They use the best techniques to help you personally let go of items and then organise those you are keeping.

You can keep that motivation and accountability going by “checking-in” with your organiser in an online session as many times a week or month as you need. This really helps to keep you on track with your decluttering journey and goals.

In your first session, you can discuss your goals and even show your organiser around your home via video (if you wish!). You may prefer to just describe the space to your organiser. It is entirely your decision as to what you feel comfortable with. Your organiser can then help you come up with a plan of action and provide advice and guidance and address any questions you have.

When you book your online session you will be sent a booking link and all you need to do is logon using your phone or laptop at the time of the session and you will be able to choose whether to just have an audio call or video call with your organiser. It is all confidential and secure so you can feel safe in the knowledge you are just sharing this information with your organiser!

Your organiser’s role as a decluttering coach is to help you deal with practical and emotional challenges arising during decluttering. They will motivate you to get organised and stay organised and can advise on habit-shifts to help you make this a long-term change. Your organiser can recommend where to let go of items you have decluttered and how to overcome emotional blocks. They are positive and practical and will help you without judgment.

It is a perfect choice if you:

  • you are currently in lockdown but wish to make some headway with your decluttering goals in the meantime
  • need expert guidance, support, motivation and accountability to meet your decluttering goals
  • would prefer to do the work yourself and then “check-in” with an expert to discuss any blocks or problems you encounter along the way
  • are on a tight budget but want to achieve your decluttering and organising goals
  • don’t feel comfortable having someone in your home
  • have limited hours in the day or will be decluttering outside of normal working hours so require a more tailored service

This approach delivers results! It means our organisers can work with you to achieve your goals whether you are based in the UK or abroad. To find an organiser to help you, click here: