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We provide professional organising and decluttering services to clients all over the UK and beyond through at home and online sessions. The services we provide are listed below. To find out more about how an organiser can help you achieve your goals for your home, click here: Do you need to hire a Professional Organiser?

Help With Hoarding

Hoarding is a complex issue and each case is unique. We offer practical hands on help in homes for people affected by hoarding or chronic disorganisation. We work with the person to empower them to make positive changes to their home. Using a non-judgmental, sensitive and motivational approach, we work at a pace suitable to our client.

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Photo and Video Organising

Do you want help to collate and organise your photos or videos? We will work with you to ensure these precious memories are preserved. For photos, it does not matter whether you have printed, digital or a mix! Organising photos and videos and storing them in an accessible way will mean you can share and enjoy these photos with other family members and friends.

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Online Sessions

We also offer online sessions (instead of or in addition to in-home sessions). These are generally shorted than in-home sessions and take place via a video call or phone call to provide you with tips, guidance, motivation and accountability. This means we can help you accomplish your decluttering goals and projects wherever you are based in the world!

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ADHD/ASD Decluttering & Organising

Decluttering and organising are all about making life simpler and easier and this can be an amazing support for those with ADHD / ASD. Amongst the team we have organisers who are specifically trained in supporting our clients with ADHD/ASD to declutter their homes. They can help put in place bespoke organising systems and suggest ways to help those systems be maintained longer-term.

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KonMari™️ Method Decluttering

If you have heard or read about the KonMari Method and this is something you want to try for decluttering your home, we can help. Amongst the team we have certified KonMari consultants who are fully trained and experienced in guiding clients through this method. At the heart of this approach is deciding which items bring you joy and working through categories of belongings at a time.

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Workspace Decluttering & Organising

Is your workspace or office cluttered and disorganised? Whether your stock room needs organising or your desk area requires a declutter, we help businesses of every size and home workers to get clutter under control and put organising systems in place so everyone can be happier, productive and work more effectively in their workplace.

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