We hope you've all been keeping safe and well. During the pandemic, many of us found ourselves spending much more time in our homes.  You may have felt the impact of clutter on your daily life during this time or needed to change the way your home space works. Adhering to Government guidance, we are back offering our in-home decluttering services with clients in person.  You can find out more about how we are working in line with the Covid-19 guidelines here. Online decluttering and organising sessions are also available to book via our website. This is a great option if you are shielding or are not yet able to have us work with you in your home. You will still benefit from experienced support, motivation and accountability from your chosen organiser. You can find and book an organiser to help you either in face to face sessions or via online sessions by clicking here: Our Organisers. This Covid-19 update and our working practices will be kept under review and changed to ensure adherence with Government guidelines.

A professional organiser (also known as a declutterer) works together with you to declutter and organise any areas of your home and any category of items to create organised, calm and enjoyable spaces. We can help you by providing:

  • practical hands-on help (for in person sessions);
  • guidance on how to let go of items especially if this is something you find difficult;
  • advice on how to let go of items sustainably including donating, selling and recycling;
  • guidance on practical storage solutions to help maximise space (if you need them);
  • advice on systems and habits to keep areas organised and clutter-free for the long-term;
  • motivation and accountability to help you reach your goals.

If you any of the situations below apply to you then it's time to book a professional organiser to help!

    • Do you feel that you don't have enough space in your home or are overwhelmed by the space you live in?
    • Are you lacking time, motivation or inclination to tackle areas of your home where clutter is building up?
    • Do you waste time and energy searching for things when you need them?
    • Are you beginning to feel like your belongings own you rather than you owning them?
    • Do you have piles of paperwork getting out of control and want to reduce and organise it?
    • Are you experiencing a life event e.g.moving house, downsizing, having a baby, changing job divorcing or have had a bereavement which means you need to tackle  possessions?
    • Would you like to organise and preserve your hard copy and digital photos for yourself and future generations?
    • We are all experienced organisers and help clients every day in these situations. We have a real passion to help clients and our approach is bespoke to your particular situation.  We are there to use our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. We aim to make decluttering and organising easier, faster and more fun by providing practical assistance, accountability and motivation. You will achieve the results you want much quicker with our help!

We offer a range of different services from the list below. To easily find an organiser to assist you, use the search boxes on our Organisers page or Home page.  To ensure that we can find you an organiser who covers your area you will need to type in the first half of your postcode (e.g. for NW1 3RG you just need to type in NW1).  To ensure that we can find you an organiser who can provide the service you are looking for, you just need to choose which service you primarily would like help with. These include:

        • Decluttering / organising home - we can help you sort out any area of your home to achieve the results you want.  Often the urge to declutter comes along with a major life change such as having a baby, changing career or a bereavement but it may just be that you want to feel less stressed, clear space and feel happier in your home. Whatever the reason, we can promise you that you will see results much quicker and enjoy the process much more than doing it on your own!
        • Decluttering / organising paperwork - paperwork is often a source of stress. We can work alongside you to reduce your piles of paperwork and recommend bespoke systems to organise and maintain your paperwork going forward.
        • Moving Home -  take the stress out of your move by letting us help you to declutter before you move home so that you are not taking unwanted items to your new home. We can also help you unpack and organise items when you move in so you can enjoy your new home immediately!
        • Help with hoarding - we offer practical help and support if you are affected by hoarding. We will work with you to reduce and organise the belongings in your space using a non-judgmental, sensitive and motivational approach.
        • Photo and video organising - we can help you to collate, declutter and organise your hard copy and/or digital photos, videos and other media to make sure those precious memories are preserved and stored in an easily accessible format for you and future generations.
        • Online decluttering sessions - we can help you meet any of your decluttering goals  via online sessions. Once booked you will be sent a private Zoom link to use at the time of your session so you can speak to your chosen organiser and (if you like) share your screen via video as well so they can help you reach your decluttering goals by providing advice and keeping you motivated!

For in-home sessions, sessions last for a minimum of 3 or 4 hours up to a maximum of 6 - 8 hours (depending on the organiser chosen). As a rough guide, we'd usually recommend between 5 - 8 hours per room but it really depends on how much stuff there is to be sorted.

If you are looking at general home decluttering, we would recommend booking a 3-4 hour session to start with which will enable you to make good progress. You can then discuss with your organiser how many more sessions you may need.

If you need a hand with unpacking and organising after a move, it is again difficult to give an exact estimate but for example, for a 4 - 5 bedroom house, this can take one organiser between 16 - 24 hours work (e.g. 2 - 3 full days). We can arrange for a team of two or more organisers to come to help with this, if you would like it done in less time. If you need a hand just in certain areas e.g. kitchens, playrooms or bedrooms then we can help with specific areas whilst you concentrate on other areas.

If you would like to carry on for longer on the day, your organiser may be able to accommodate this (although that is not always possible so if you would like a longer session it is best to book that in advance). You will then be charged for the extra hours worked after your session together. Your organiser can then recommend how many more sessions / hours may be needed after that to accomplish your goals. You will also be sent you a link by email so you can book further sessions with your organiser as needed.

If you want to book an online session these start at 30 minutes and can last up to a maximum of 3 hours (with breaks). You can either work through decluttering projects with your organiser supporting you in these sessions.  Or you can discuss your goals with your organiser, ask for their tips and guidance and then go on to complete these in your own time or even start the task whilst in the session to motivate you to do it. We recommend starting with a 30 minute - 1 hour session. Your organiser can then recommend how many more sessions / hours may be needed after that to accomplish your goals.

Every client and home is different so it is hard to give you an exact estimate on how long it will take. It depends on what you want to achieve, how many items there are to sort through and how quickly you are able to make decisions. We often leave clients with a few tasks to do between sessions to keep costs down (if they want us to!) We work at a pace which suits you but by working with us, you will accomplish results far quicker than tackling the process on your own.

Each organiser's hourly rate is set out on their profile page and organisers set their own rates. Prices currently range between £40 - £50 an hour in London and between £30- £45 per hour outside of London, for in-home and online sessions. This is inclusive of VAT, mileage and travel time. For in-home sessions, we usually work for a minimum of 3 or 4 hours up to a maximum of 6- 8 hours per session. For online sessions, we usually work for a minimum of 30 minutes up to a maximum of 1.5 hours. To make payment as simple as possible, the payment for the session is made up-front via our website. All payments are processed via PayPal or Stripe where your credit or debit card details are encrypted for security purposes. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express payment cards and Apple Pay. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full information.

We currently have coverage across most of England for in-home sessions. We have a large network of organisers, not all of whom may be up on the website yet, so if you cannot find an organiser to help on our website, please email: hello@declutterondemand.com or contact us on 07307 858403 and let us know your postcode and what help you are looking for. We will then do our best to connect you with a local professional organiser. For online sessions, we can work with you wherever you are based in the world as long as the time zones allow for it!  

We recognise that often the hardest part of this process can be inviting a stranger into your home (who may be the first person you have invited in for a while) and asking for their help. Please be reassured that there is absolutely no judgement from us. We will always respect your privacy and confidentiality. You may feel your home is particularly untidy or cluttered but we will have seen it before and understand how different circumstances have an impact on the state of our homes. All we want to do is help you bring your home back to feeling like a comforting, calm and happy space.

You will be asked in the booking process whether you consent to photos being taken and if you say yes, your organiser will double-check with you on the day that you are still comfortable for them to do so and will ensure that you are not identifiable from those photos. Photos provide great inspiration and motivation for others who are thinking of clearing their space and for you to see how far you have come and so you can celebrate your achievements. We would be so grateful if you would agree for us to take before and afters photos anonymously to help us show others that they are not alone and it is okay to ask for help. However, if you do not feel comfortable with this, that is completely a decision for you and one which will be respected.

There is no need to tidy before your organiser arrives as we will never be judgemental. Often it can help to see where the clutter builds up in your home but please bear in mind that we are not cleaners. If a deep clean or general cleaning service is needed, your organiser can recommend services to help or please feel free to message 07307 858403 or email us at hello@declutterondemand.com and we can recommend companies for you to use. If you want to declutter and organise clothes, it can be helpful to not have too much in the laundry so that you see exactly what clothes you have. However, this is just a suggestion and there is no requirement to do so!

To make the most out of your in-home session, we strongly recommend you being there. Depending on what you are looking to achieve, it may be that you do not need to be working with us for the entire time. However, please note that we cannot decide on your behalf what you want to keep and how you want to let go of items (donate to charity, sell, etc.). We are there to help you make decisions and will ask you questions such as how and when you use items and provide hands-on help. We will help you to decide where items should best be kept to work with your lifestyle.

Absolutely not!  We will guide you through the process and ask you questions about items to help you make those decisions. However, it is ultimately your decision and you will be choosing which items to keep and which to let go of.

We encourage clients to donate and recycle items wherever possible. We can recommend local charities you can donate items to, ways to recycle items and how to sell items. If you have charity shops within a short walk from your home, then we may be able to help you to carry or drive items to the charity shops in the time allotted for your session.  If your chosen organiser has a car, some of our organisers can take items away and donate to charity shops on your behalf at the end of each session. We can also recommend charities who collect items for free from your home. Please note though that we are not licensed waste carriers so cannot take items to your tip or local recycling centre for you. However, we can help you load up your vehicle for you to do this yourself or recommend clearance companies who do this.

The idea of decluttering is to free up your space so that it can be used more effectively. We therefore recommend that you don’t buy additional storage until you have decluttered first.  You will save yourself time and money by not buying storage until you are absolutely sure what you need. Often storage solutions are found during the decluttering and organising process itself. However, there is no doubt that the right storage solution can make all the difference in creating an organised home! We can suggest storage solutions that will be most useful to you during our sessions together and we have a shop on our website to our recommended organising products which you can find here.

Our organisers will generally bring bags with them. However, it is always helpful if you are able to have rubbish bags, recycling bags (if applicable for your area) and supermarket-size bags for bagging items up which you are letting go of.

Yes, we require all of our organisers to provide valid and up to date professional indemnity and public liability insurance details, qualifications and request background checks. Each organiser is interviewed in person and must maintain consistently high ratings in order to remain on our website.

We take your privacy seriously and treat all personal data which you provide to us with respect. We will not share your personal data with anyone except where this is necessary to carry out the services you have requested. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Data Protection) and any personal data which is provided to us will be processed and held in accordance with all current data protection legislation. For more information on privacy and data protection, please see our Privacy Policy.

All our organisers have been asked upon joining the platform whether they are comfortable working with pets. As long as you let us know in the booking form which animals and how many you have, we can ensure that the organiser you book is happy to work around your pets. If there is a pest problem such as mice, rats or bed bugs (which we ask for information about in the booking form), we may not be able to work with you until a pest controller has dealt with this.

We ask our clients to provide a safe environment for us. We should not be asked to undertake tasks which threaten their health and safety, including:

  • lifting very heavy items;
  • cleaning (other than very light surface cleaning in the process of decluttering and organising); and
  • standing on ladders or chairs.

We want to provide flexibility for you but equally we need to protect ourselves from late cancellations and losing out on work. Our cancellation policy is:

  • You can cancel for any reason up until 4 days (96 hours) before your session.
  • You can reschedule your session to another date until 2 days (48 hours) before your session without a cancellation fee being charged.
  • You cancel within 2 days (48 hours) before the start time of the session but you will unfortunately lose your upfront payment for the session as a late cancellation fee. This is to compensate the organiser for the loss of opportunity of alternative work.
  • If, after the booking has been confirmed, the organiser is unavailable for the session, we will try to find you a replacement organiser for that session or alternatively you will be able to reschedule for another date.
Please see our Terms & Conditions for full information.