Clothes organisation

Here are our tried and tested storage solutions for your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Don’t know what wardrobe storage solutions actually work? Tired of struggling to find anything in your wardrobe? Finding choosing an outfit stressful rather than fun? 

Whilst a good declutter of your wardrobe always makes a difference, wardrobe storage solutions can really transform this area into a calm and beautifully organised zone for clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. 

We have tried and tested many products whilst working with clients to declutter their homes and wanted to share our shortlist so you too can make opening your wardrobes joyful rather than stressful!

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Hangers organising clothes in a wardrobe

1. Hangers 

Choosing the right hanger for your wardrobe makes all the difference in keeping your clothes looking good and organised. We are big fans of wooden hangers for clothes including wooden skirt hangers. They look great and create space between your clothes meaning that they don’t get crushed. Wooden hangers won’t fit quite as many clothes into your wardrobe as a skinny hanger. However, squashing as many clothes as possible into your wardrobe isn’t what we are aiming to do! They are also better from an environmental perspective - they much easier to recycle at the end of their long life. 

Skinny hangers like these velvet hangers fit more onto your rails which is ideal for those who lack storage space. The velvet fabric provides grip on the clothes which makes them great for keeping silky items from sliding off onto the floor.  

Tiered hangers which hang multiple items can be useful but don’t use them as an excuse to keep clothes you don’t really love or need! They can be good for jeans, trousers or scarves.

Don’t forget that you can also get hangers for handbags, belts and scarves! Let go of those dire wire hangers and treat yourself to a hangers that will really take care of your clothes. 

2. Drawer dividers

So simple, yet so effective are these wardrobe storage solutions! Drawer dividers are fantastic if you have drawers in your wardrobe or a chest of drawers in your bedroom. They can even be used as boxes on shelves to store clothes and accessories as well. We recommend using the file folding method to store clothing vertically within the drawer dividers. This saves space and makes it easy to pull out an item without disturbing the rest of the contents (unlike a pile of clothes on a shelf). 

There are lots of different sizes and types of drawer dividers available. for example, these dividers made out of recycled materials are a great option. You can buy specific dividers for underwear, like these underwear dividers to keep them organised. Sets with a variety of sizes are the most useful, such as, these drawer dividers. Use one divider for each category of items and store the same items together. Drawer dividers maximise space, keep items easily accessible and organised for longer - what’s not to love?!

3. Vacuum pack bags

Think of these as a huge reusable ziplock bag but for clothes and linens. Once filled, you just seal the bag and then suck the air out with a hoover. To open again, pull the seal apart. These bags are amazing at creating space and protect your textiles from moths, dust and damp. They are perfect for storing out of season clothes and items that are used less frequently e.g. ski-wear. The supersize vacuum pack bags are also brilliant for storing away duvets and pillows - saving a huge amount of space. Our favourite tried and tested brands are these vacuum pack bags: Space Saver vacuum bags and Lakeland vacuum bags (both of which come in a variety of sizes). 

Shoes organised on shelves

4. Shoe storage 

Often wardrobes need to double up as space for shoe storage as well as clothes. If you have shelves you can use for this, we love these adjustable shoe stacker organisers. These enable you to utilise the full height of shelves and fit more shoes on each shelf. They work best for trainers, flats, small to medium heels and wedges but not high heels or very chunky shoes.

Another option are these shoe storage boxes which are sturdy and fit up to size 13 UK shoes. The transparent sides mean it’s really easy to see where your shoes are. As they are stackable, you can place them to suit the height of your space.

If you are short on space, packing away your seasonal shoes (or occasion shoes) is a good way to save space for the shoes you use day to day. Use a storage box like this one stored under a bed or at the top or bottom of a wardrobe. These specific boot storage boxes are great for storing these out of season and keeping them free of dust. 

5. Tray inserts 

Your wardrobe isn’t only made up of clothes so what do you do with all the accessories you own? If you have shallow drawers, use tray inserts to keep items such as sunglasses, watches, jewellery, cufflinks so that each item has its own home where it lives. The key to having an uncluttered and organised space is every item having a place it belongs, near to where it is used and easily accessible. 

Jewellery organisation

6. Jewellery Organisation

How often do you forget to wear the lovely items of jewellery you have? Having a home for your jewellery which is organised and accessible is the key to enjoying and wearing it. Our all-time favourite jewellery storage are the Stackers Jewellery Boxes because you can mix and match layers, there is a lovely range of colours (see this Blush supersize box) and a variety of sizes. They are pricey but will last a life-time. Their attractiveness and uncluttered appearance also means you can have them on display for easy access. For items that you wear every day, we like this bedside table jewellery tray or a jewellery tree / stand.

Do you need a helping hand?

We hope this gives you some ideas of how to transform and organise your wardrobe and if you would like a helping hand, you can find one of our amazing organisers to help you here: