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We’ve pulled together the links below to our favourite kitchen organising products because for most people, the kitchen really does need to be organised in order to function well.

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It is so easy for cupboards to become full to bursting and foods left to expire at the back of cupboards. The best kitchen organising products are those which help you maximise space and enable you to find what you need quickly and easily.

When organising your kitchen cupboards, take this opportunity to clear out any unused gadgets and expired food. We recommend breaking down the task into small chunks. Tackle a category at a time e.g. cutlery, crockery, glasses, food etc. This way it will feel manageable instead of overwhelming. It will also be much easier to fit these tasks around your schedule. Once you have done that, group similar items together and think about which need to be the most accessible. 

The kitchen organising products below are the ones we recommend and use with our clients all the time. They are tried and tested and can really help to streamline your kitchen!

1. Shelf dividers

Shelf dividers are a great solution to use the full height of the space on your shelves. You don't even need to use your DIY skills! Too often we see clients who have kitchen cupboards where a lot of space is lost. These wide or narrow shelf dividers fix that! These are particularly useful to help you see at glance which ingredients you have. This prevents forgetting about foods until they have expired and buying unnecessary duplicates. It can be helpful to store foods using storage containers underneath the divider which you can pull out and a tub on top. You can then grab what you need from there to maximise space and it prevents things falling out on you. 

To fully use the shelf height for crockery, these corner plate holders are also a good option. They mean you can easily pull out e.g. a plate without having to dig down to the bottom of a big pile. 

2. Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans (also known as turntables) are such a versatile kitchen organising product and often get overlooked. For example, you can use them to store cleaning products, spices, oils or condiments. Just spin it around to find the item you need easily and quickly. They are not necessarily a space saver but if used in the right place, the advantages of accessibility and organisation outweigh this. Lazy Susans also work particularly well in corners of cupboards or pantries.

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3. Food storage containers

We love glass containers for foods - they look beautiful, make it easy to see what you have at a glance and reduce the “noise” of packaging. These are also great if you buy foods from zero-waste stores. You can then just replenish your containers, reducing your plastic and packaging waste. We particularly like these glass containers which come in a range of sizes with air-tight bamboo lids.

You may prefer clear BPA-free plastic food containers for durability rather than glass, particularly if you have kids. In that case, these air-tight food storage containers are the perfect option. Again they come in a range of sizes so it is good to have a look at what you have in your pantry already and have a think about what you will need for your food. 

Using storage boxes to group similar items together is really useful to be able to “grab and go”. They keep items from spilling over each other in cupboards and when labelled make it easy to grab what you need. There are lots of different sizes available and you can use transparent or opaque containers (whichever visually works better for you). We particularly like them for storing snacks, baking goods and breakfast condiments but they can be used for anything.

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4. Spices

Spices always seem to cause storage issues in homes. Picking the perfect solution makes a real difference to enjoying your cooking and being more adventurous with your spices!

One of our favourite spice storage solutions are these horizontal spice organisers where your spices lay flat in a shallow drawer. These prevent spices from rolling around in your drawer and mean you can easily see what you have. This is particularly useful if you have a shallow drawer near to where you cook.

If you have deep drawers, labelling the top of your spices lids makes it easy to see what you have at a glance. Other spice storage solutions are magnetic spice jars (for example if you have a metal backsplash to your cooker). If you have lots of cupboards, a spice rack holder may work better for you. This will involve a bit of DIY but well worth it to have your spices easily accessible. If you really want to beautify your spices, use these glass jars and labels. You can either label the lids or the sides of the jars.

5. Labels 

A label-maker is brilliant for creating your own labels when organising. It can be a bit addictive so resist labelling everything! Just label the things that are not obvious by looking at them. For example, if you use food containers, label self-raising and plain flour. However, you could leave unlabelled penne pasta and fusilli. Unless of course you have gluten free options in which case label them to differentiate! Not labelling every food container gives you more flexibility as your food shops change.

To create Insta-worthy vintage labels use an embossing label-maker. For more minimalist-looking labels, use a thermal print label-maker. You can also buy ready-made packs of Decal labels which use different fonts like these pantry labels. The choice is yours! Labels enable you to print your personality on your pantry whilst at the same time making it user-friendly for the entire household!