The KonMari Method™ - have you heard or read about it? If you want to try KonMari decluttering for your belongings, we can help. Amongst the team we have certified KonMari™ consultants who are fully trained and experienced in guiding clients through this method. 

What is KonMari decluttering?

At the heart of this approach is deciding which items bring you joy and working through categories of belongings at a time (rather than dealing with items by location). In this method, you work through 5 categories of belogings. First you start with sorting your clothes. You can then move onto books, papers, komono (this includes sub-categories like toiletries, kitchen items, CDs and DVDs, stationery etc.), and, finally, sentimental items. 

Your KonMari™ trained organiser can help you work through any or all the categories in your home. They will make the process of decision-making easier by asking the right questions and providing practical and motivational support.  You will take each belonging in your hands hands and decide if you love it, need it or use it. In this way you will come to an understanding of which items speak to your heart. Your organiser will help you to discard items that no longer spark joy. They will advise you on sustainably finding a new home for them, where possible, for example, by donating to charity.  

By working through all the categories (known as a ‘Tidying Festival’ in this method), you will only need to do this thorough declutter once. By the time you finish, you’ll be surrounded only by things that spark joy.  You will then give each and every item a specific place to live in your home.  And, from then on, you’ll give everything you bring into your home a place.  That way, you’ll be able to maintain a tidy home. 

The KonMari Method™ - how long does it take?

It’s always difficult to say exactly how long it will take. This is because it depends on how many belongings there are to sort through and how easy you find it to make decisions. For example, it may take a day to sort through a moderate wardrobe and likewise a book collection. Papers and sentimental items vary but tend to take longer.   

However, our organisers can work with your budget. We usually recommend booking in a three or four hour session to get started. Then you can discuss with your organiser if you'd like to book in more sessions together.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a beautiful, tidy, home.  Follow through with KonMari decluttering and you’ll never rebound!

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