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How does a professional organiser help with decluttering?

A professional organiser is a trained individual who can help with decluttering and organising your belongings in any category or area. It could be a wardrobe, a kitchen, a home office, a playroom or a loft or shed just to name a few! A professional organiser offers practical help sorting through items with you and also provide guidance, motivation and accountability. Our team of professional organisers won’t force you to make decisions or tell you that you have to get rid of something. Instead, we provide you with support for decision-making which helps you achieve the results you want. We also facilitate the removal and recycling of unwanted belongings whether by ourselves, charities or clearance companies.

Professional organisers are experienced in looking at a space, asking the right questions and setting up organisational systems. From furniture to labels, we can help you transform your space into one of happiness, calm and order.

We view every client is unique in their background, outlook and lifestyle. Likewise, so is the decluttering or organisational problem they are looking to solve and the reasons behind wanting to solve them. However, there are often common circumstances in which people reach out for help from a professional organiser:

1. You Feel Stuck or Overwhelmed

Do you want to declutter and organize your home but every time you try, you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you lose motivation or become overwhelmed by the process? It may that you have reached your personal tipping point with the stuff in your space. Particularly if you find yourself losing things regularly, missing or turning up late to appointments. You may just feel frustrated with the general state of things and feel that you are not meeting your personal or professional goals. As organisers, we love helping people declutter and organise their spaces. We bring the experience enthusiasm to help you reach your goals quickly and painlessly.

2. Experiencing a Major Life Change

It might be that you were feeling organised and in control but then a big life event has changed the way you use spaces in your home and/or belongings. Perhaps this event has exacerbated feelings of disorganisation or lack of control. These changes force you to re-evaluate what items you want to keep in your life. They also make you reassess the way your home is organised. We can help you with these transitions.

Have you experienced one of these life changes recently?

- Death of a loved one

Do you have a home or possessions of a loved one to sort though? We can help you to go through the items in a supportive and calm manner. We can guide you with empathy and impartiality to help you decide which items to keep as memory of your loved one and what can be donated, sold or let go of.

- Divorce

Decluttering during or after a divorce is emotional. Our future can look very different to the one we envisaged. We can help you come to terms with a plan for dividing belongings. We can help you go through your possessions to decide what is important to you in this next phase of your life.

- Marriage/blending two households

One person’s stuff can feel overwhelming so combining more possessions in one space can feel even more so! Space saving and optimisation are crucial to living in harmony. We work with couples or families to help ease this transition.

- Expecting a new baby

Many mothers experience the nesting stage of pregnancy. This is often in the last weeks just before the baby comes!

It derives from the strong impulse to prepare the house, or “nest,” for the baby’s impending arrival. We can help you physically get your space ready for the new family member. We can suggest storage solutions for the nursery, set up the nappy changing station and organise clothes and toys ready for the new arrival. It may be you want general help decluttering and organising other areas of your home as well.

Baby surrounded by toys on white blanket

- Retirement or job change (especially if a home-based business)

By having your affairs (and stuff) in order you can really make the most of this change. If you are spending more time at home, it is important that visual clutter is not causing you unnecessary stress. We can help you sort out your home office or spare rooms to enable you to have effective zones for working, relaxing and pursuing hobbies.

- Becoming an empty nester

Have you been left with rooms full of your children’s clutter? Chances are that your children have little interest in coming home to declutter. However, this may be preventing you from being able to sell your home or change your home to fit in with new hobbies or lifestyle choices. We can work with you and any of your family members to help clear spaces so that you can enjoy your home again.

- A major medical diagnosis

Physical and mental health diagnoses can have a massive impact on our ability to declutter and organise our belongings. The extra pair of hands we provide is invaluable to help with decluttering. The process will be completed much more quickly and efficiently with you working together with us.

3. You are Moving or Renovating

Moving into a new home or renovating your current home is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. We can help you eliminate clutter before your move. We can also help you unpack and organise your space efficiently in your new home. This makes moving so much easier. This is particularly so if you have not moved for many years and accumulated a lot of stuff or if you are downsizing into a smaller home. We help you decide which things you truly love and value for your new home so that it is not filled with clutter! Find out more about decluttering when moving home here .

4. Changing organisational habits with the help of a professional organiser

Do you want to learn how to be organised or to help your family be more organised? Often the way our parents dealt with their belongings impacts the way that we deal with our own possessions. Children learn habits, good and bad. If a parent has been extremely minimalist then a child can go the opposite way as an act of rebellion or if a parent finds it incredibly hard to let go of items, their child may copy them. Hiring a professional organiser is an opportunity to have a personal tutor teach you new organisational skills to use in your home. As a bonus, we also transform your space and make it as easy as possible for you to maintain new habits.

Help with Decluttering and Organising

If any of the circumstances above resonate for you, take a look at our profiles here and book a session with one of us – life’s too short not to feel happy in your home!