Decluttering and organising for ADHD / ASD are all about making life simpler and easier. This can be a life-changing support. Our team includes specifically trained and skilled professional organisers who support our clients with ADHD / ASD to declutter and organise their homes and workspaces. 

We can help you get unstuck and create order where it is lacking. Having an organiser who is objective and experienced and there to work with you to achieve what you want for your home makes all the difference. There is no judgment from us about your situation. We aim to leave you feeling happier and calmer, with simple organisational systems which work long-term for you.

Your organiser will help you stay focused. Consequently, you will achieve what you want quicker and more smoothly. Your professional organiser can help you make tough decisions where needed about your belongings. They can also help create bespoke organisational systems which will work for you long-term. 

Do any of the questions below resonate for you:

  • Is keeping on top of routine tasks a struggle?
  • Do you forget what you have in your cupboards, buy on impulse and end with lots of duplicates?
  • Would you love to be able to find things you need easily?

If the answer is yes to any of those or more, we can help! To find a member of our team specialising in ADHD / ASD decluttering and organising click here and choose this service on our search bar:

Funding for professional organising sessions: 

Are you working? Do you have a diagnosis of ADHD / ASD? If the answer is yes to both questions, you can apply for funding from Access to Work (‘ATW’). This government fund is aimed to help you manage your work better.

The ATW is not based on your income or capital. An assessment call will be organised once ATW have evidence that you are employed / self-employed. This call identifies what equipment or support might benefit you with your particular needs. 

As part of this support, the ATW may offer you coping strategy sessions. These are a form of coaching. Generally, if you are a successful applicant, you will be offered these sessions. You may receive 10-12 hours of support. However, it can be as much as 24 hours support. You can choose who provides this support, up to the budget offered.

Once agreed, you’ll usually pay for sessions yourself. However, you then claim back costs up to the budget ATW have offered you.

As part of copying strategy sessions, you could have assistance from a professional organiser. They can help you manage your workspace (including paperwork) by decluttering and putting organisational systems in place.